"Wamni Omni"


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Ledger Drawing: 16 1/4"x 22 1/4".  Frame: 27x 33".  Drawing comes already matted and framed. shipping is included within price.

This drawing talks about where most of our dance movements come from.  Maka Ina, Mother Earth, has always been our school, and the animals and plants have always been our teachers.  In Oklahoma, the men's Fancy feather dance was a warrior's society dance.  They would jump, spin fast, and move fast around the dance circle with procise footwork.  this was to mimic the movements of a bucking horse and how they galloped, spun and jumped.  The flashy colors often represented the colors of the sky or the influences of the colorful plants.

-Antique Ledger paper -Micron Archival Ink -Prisma Colored Pencils -Sai watercolor paint -Metallic paint

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