"Owanzila Naunkicizinm" : "We Fight Them Together"


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11x17" semi-glossed and matte, hand signed and numbered __/25

"Oh-wahn-jeela Nah-oon-Kee-chee-zeem"

Since our interaction with the first settlers, we have always had to fight for our right to live.  The tactics of the oppressors is to divide us by making us believe in the lie that we are better than the other and it's not true.  No tribe is different when it comes down to basic beliefs.  No heart bleeds differently.  We as indigenous beings have a duty to preserve life.  Your life, my life, and everyone else's lives.  As long as we band together, we cannot break.  They are scared of us if we come in numbers, and that's why they hide behind their "shields" (badges).  Make every day, a good day to die.

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