New life, New beginnings (PRINT)


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11x17 semi gloss matte print, hand signed and numbered __/12

"New life, New beginnings"

The pasque flowers blossoming were the sign that winter had passed for the Lakota. With the blossoming of these flowers, they brought along the new life that Maka Ína had in-store for us to see. All the beauty and power that had been stowed away and given to us as a gift.

Just like how a woman prepares for the new life she is making within her, she brings a gift from Creator to the world. This sacred gift will come from power that is passed down from generation to generation, passed down from Maka Ína.

This power that every woman holds is a power that only true warriors know to respect. This time that you are, or were pregnant was one of the most beautiful times. This was you being a vessel to bring life and now that you are a mother, you are an object of pure happiness to the world. You are beauty. You are power

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