The Healing


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11" x 17" semi-gloss matte, signed and limited numbered print.  __/ 25

The grass dance has always been seen as the male version of the jingle dress dance.  Both are healing dances and are danced to preserve life.
Back then, grass dancers would come into the arena before the rest of the dancers to dance on and bless the ground to bring everyone good thoughts as they danced.  
If the grass dancer made a move with the left foot, then he had to do the same move on the right, this signifies the balances in life.  The rainbow colors are a sign of hope, the anticipation of what's to come after the storm passes.  The bells cracking like lightning to ward off the bad spirits.
The whistle, was made out of reeds.  From what I learned, this particular wood could never be stricken by lightning, making it a holy-type of wood.
Grass dancers are usually the main whistle carriers because of what their style of dance represents.

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