"A Fresh Scalp"


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11x17" semi glossed matte print, hand signed and numbered __/15

The warriors were always the story tellers especialy in their dances.  Often times, the warriors would dance with their trophies to show off what they have, and then proceed to dance and tell their story of how they obtained this specific trophy.  These items were in range of a variety of things such as fingers, noses, ears, scalps, articles of clothing, or weapons that the person was known for having.  This showed that they could accomplish anything an that they were powerful if they can take an enemies belongings and live to tell the tale.

The floating images is a representation of how old school ledger art was drawn back in the day.  It was very flat sided and crude, almost like a kids drawing.  I have mixed the old ways with my modern way of art and skill to give depth and to show that what he had done was within the past and that he tells the story of that accomplishment as he dances.

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