The Final Charge 06/25/1876


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11x17" Semi-glossed matte print, hand signed and numbered __/45

Made to honor the battle of Little Bighorn.  There are so many stories and sides to what took place that day.  But what i thought was always empowering is that, during the final charge, most of the older warriors hung back and let the younger ones go earn rank.  They knew what it was like to earn trophies so they let the young men and women warriors go in and kill the rest of the calvary off.  Most of these young ones were 12-17 years of age.

As depicted, a young man riding a horse into the charge who is brave to die and willing to shoot down an older Calvary soldier whom was scared to die.  Seeing the young ones move with such bravery and pride, it let the older warriors know that the people would be well-taken care of after they pass on.

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