Fathers with Daughters 5/5: It's okay, Daddy's got you


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Limited edition 11x17 semi gloss matte finish prints, hand signed and numbered __/30

When my daughter cries, I repeatedly tell her, "it's okay, daddy's got you," as a means to ease her sadness. I toss her into the air and she laughs because she knows, daddy's got her.

As a father, you feel every amount of pain any of your children go through. Your first reaction may be to act in anger, "how could someone hurt my little girl"/"why isnt this park bench up to code!?" We want to react because it's our protective side and we want to blame someone. It's our rational responsibility, but sometimes all they truly need is to feel that tender love and care of knowing they are always safe in your arms.
Unknown entities in the future may harm her, but with the raging love a father gives, Nobody or nothing will ever break her spirit. Be her pillar. Be her protector. And be her shoulder and hug when needed.

"There's no shame in fear,
What matters is how we face it
" -George R. R. Martin

11w" x 14h"

•Antique ledger paper •micron archival ink •prisma colored pencils •metallic and opaque paint

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