Fathers with Daughters 4/5: Brings Life


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11x17 semi glossed matte print, hand signed and numbered __/36

As men, it is our job to preserve all that brings life into this world. As traditional men, we are to continue our teachings with our children because they are the most sacred.
My daughter, Iyokpi, has been around the sweat lodge since she was 5months old. I don't force her to be in them, but I do want her to continue the spiritual connection with Maka Ina (Mother Earth) while at a young age. She sits on my lap, sings, cries or even sleeps at times. But the most beautiful moments we share is when water is passed around. That is when we balance each other. I give her water to replenish herself, and throughout the rounds she gives me life replenishing my soul. Being a father to her is a gift because she has opened my world to understanding life just a little bit more.

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children" -tatanka iyotake

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