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11x17 semi gloss matte print, hand signed and numbered __/10

From how it was told to me, was that a man who is a pipe keeper, has the same type of "power" that a woman has to bear children. The only difference is that this power isnt physically connected to the keeper like how a child is grown inside the womb.
This power, is the same because it involves the giving of life, reason being is that you look at the stem as if it is a man, and you look at the pipe bowl as if it is a woman, and when you connect the two parts, you are in a ceremony that creates life. This is the direct gateway to the Creator and when you use it and ask for blessings, you HAVE to be specific because it will sometimes mistaken your words for another meaning/intentions. When people smoke from it and inhale the cincasa, they are inhaling a breath of purity, a breath of Creator. It is then released and floats to the heavens. The blessings that come from this ceremony are the most powerful and usually come right when they need to. 
When knowing about eagles, you also learn that they are the only bird that can fly the highest with ease. It is said often in old stories that he would fly this high and have talks with Creator, and to also carry the blessings to him.

"As I sat in the middle of sweat, it became so hot to the point that I was able to feel/sense the outlinning of my lungs from breathing in the hot air, it was then I heard flapping and fanning coming from my uncle who was pouring water, but suddenly this flapping came from overhead and then all over within the lodge. Thats when everything cooled and then wasn't so hot anymore. Thats when I knew an eagle spirit had joined in and blessed us." -taken from one of my personal accounts within an inipi.

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