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hey everybody,

so I'm getting into this blog thing, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about these, lol.

Anyhoozle, I think I want this one to be about my recent findings and understanding about flowers.

I recently listened to a podcast (Beyond Reality Radio) and they featured a herbalist named, Cheralyn Darcey, (also if you are down to listen to people talk about the paranormal and other nerd shit then this is your number one radio/podcast).  So Darcey explained that flowers are programed to sense the world around them and have special effects within their bloom, and also within your subconscience.  For example, if you are drawn to Chamomile flowers, then you are a calm spirit.  Because Chamomile is pronounced as "Calm-momile".  Chamomile is a flower that is infused into tea that is usually used to calm your spirit when you drink it.  perfect for when you are anxious, stressed, or cant sleep. 

another cool flower is Lavender.  if you find products that have Lavendar in it, such as shampoo/ conditioner, body wash, essential oils, even teas, you are again calming your troubled soul.  This is the ultimate calming tool and there is something within the flower that helps fight depression, but also helps you sleep peacefully.  I for one drink lavender tea a lot and even use the oils in a defuser.  Can't say that it kills my depression completely, but it does lighten the mood and feel pleasent.  I also have a body wash for my daughter and it is SUPPOSE to help with sleeping and calming her down if used before bed, but my kid is crazy so the product may just be regular soap to her, lol.

One of the other topics that was discussed in the interview was where the intention of giving flowers came from.  such as when someone is sick, you give them flowers to get well, or when you have a loved one and you want to do something nice, you gift them flowers.  So where would this idea come from?  Darcey explained that it was unsure where and when this had started, but the flowers have an intention to be used for some sort of healing purpose.  So giving a loved one a rose means love right?  but it also has a different type of meaning when it is a colored rose than from the traditional red.  and when a sick person has flowers in the hospital, the flowers take in the negativity and radiate love and comfort, making the sick person brighter and lightened of pain. 

But how do we even know what flower to give to someone for this type of intention?  When we see a flower and feel drawn to give this particular flower to the person of intent, it is the flower talking to our subconscience and telling us that it will be the perfect match for what we are feeling.  Basically, it is the flower that picks us, and not us that picks the flower.  CRAZY RIGHT!?  My first boqeut of flowers i gave to my wife-to-be when we were first dating was a boquet of purple carnations.  Naturally, carnations signify a burning desire or a spice, a burst of energy and love.  It's that feeling of getting a good stretch or popping your back, lol.  And the color i chose was purple which means cool, calm, and deep passion.  So this set of flowers were telling my inner self that they were the perfect set because of how at peace my soul was being with my lady, and now we are about to get married!  It has definitely become the love and appreciation I had been longing for.  Very interesting stuff I tell ya.

Anyways, I think I'm finished writing my book, lol.  But the featured lady in the radio interview was Cheralyn Darcey, she also has a book out that explains the flowers and all sorts of dope qualities.


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Good luck for more blogs you

Good luck for more blogs you will create!

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