Art Aprecciation 101



If you are an artist too, then you will feel this on the same level, but if you are a non-artist, then please feel me and hear my words.

It is not okay to judge how much I price my art.  I price according to what I feel is right. I hate when a potential customer inquires about my commissions or works i have already made, but feel like they have to give their opinion on how i should price my work.  What you are paying for is my skill, my insight, my usage of materials, and my time.  if you cannot appreciate my stand point behind my work then my art is not for you.

And one more thing.  I definitely appreciate the flow of traffic, but DO NOT be rude and tell me that you will pay with "aRtISt eXpoSuRe".  I can hustle my own work.

tis all..


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This is true! Everyone should

This is true! Everyone should respect each other's craft. You can check out this game, it's somewhat an another form of art with a mixture of tactical strategy. People have been loving its graphics and feature, I'm sure creative minds would also love it. Check out the game here: Super fun and easy.

I love your art please do

I love your art please do more

I just saw this website and I

I just saw this website and I want to share [mine ](

Awesome! yOU ARE A GREAT


cant wait to see your designs

cant wait to see your designs

I totally understand you! I

I totally understand you! I myself is a graphic artist and most of the time I waste my time trying to explain to a client why I charge that certain amount. For them it's just a simple task that anyone can do but for me it is my craft that I worked so hard for so it is only right that I receive appropriate compensation. Anyway, I've got similar discussions on my thread, feel free to post your sentiments. click here when you're ready!

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