May 2019

My first "blawg"

hey everybody,

so I'm getting into this blog thing, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about these, lol.

Anyhoozle, I think I want this one to be about my recent findings and understanding about flowers.

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Art Aprecciation 101


If you are an artist too, then you will feel this on the same level, but if you are a non-artist, then please feel me and hear my words.

It is not okay to judge how much I price my art.  I price according to what I feel is right. I hate when a potential customer inquires about my commissions or works i have already made, but feel like they have to give their opinion on how i should price my work.  What you are paying for is my skill, my insight, my usage of materials, and my time.  if you cannot appreciate my stand point behind my work then my art is not for you.

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My social media outlets

Hey guys!

If you haven't done so, then give my instagram account a follow @coup_count.designz and also look me up on Facebook at Coup Count DesignZ.

I usually do raffles and other types of give aways on those social media outlets that can't be done on this website.  Also just give me a follow on either one to see my art process and past works!

Thank you in Advance

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